До музейного комплексу входять (карта – схема)

The museum-diorama was built to honour the 50th anniversary of Kyiv liberation.

The main exposition throws light upon the course of Kyiv strategic operation preceding Kyiv liberation.

The exhibition features unique displays: arms, front letters, private belongings of heroes of the Battle for Kyiv.

The monument to motorcycle armies.

The Memorial Wall with 11 high relief sculptures of the heroes of Soviet Union who were born in Vyshgorod district

‘Symbol of Peace’ monument – the part of European Peace Street, the first constructed in Ukraine.

Open air exhibition of battle vehicles Saint George’s Chapel consecrated by His Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr.

Monument-museum of Kyiv liberators, opened in November 1958 to honour the 15th anniversary of Kyiv liberation.

‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’ monument placed on the common grave of 26 unknown soldiers.

The command post of the 1st Ukrainian front – at the end of October 1943, during the preparation of Kyiv operation, the commander of the 1st Ukrainian front general of the Army M. Vatutin ordered to construct the command post that is preserved till now, being a unique monument of the WWII.