Main Exhibition

The museum’s exhibition describes the events of autumn 1943 ‒ the forced crossing of the Dnipro river, the creation of Lyutizh bridgehead and the course of Kyiv Strategic Offensive Operation.

dsc09044– In the hall our guests may find paintings created by famous Ukrainian painters and graphic works made by the artists of Hrekov’s military painters studio in Moscow. This hall also hosts all museum events, meetings with veterans and temporary exhibitions.dsc09025

– The Hall of Memory showcases the Book of Immortal Glory which contains more than 2000 names of officers and generals who took part in Kyiv operation planning, the forced crossing of Dnipro and Kyiv liberation.

– This hall also exhibits the busts of M. Vatutin (General of the Army, Commander of the 1st Ukrainian Front), K. Moskalenko (Colonel general, Commander of the 38th army), P. Rybalko (Lieutenant general of the tank armies, Commander of the 3rd tank army), S. Krasowsky (Lieutenant general, Commander of the 2nd air army) and many other. The highlight of the exhibition is the collection of banners of 136, 163, 167, 180, 232, 240 infantry divisions of the 38th army. Temporary displays dedicated to the history of our museum and the military theme are also exhibited here.

зал слави– ‘Battle for Kyiv’ constant exhibition, as it is known today, was created in 1993. It thoroughly examines the general military theme and the contribution of the 1st Ukrainian front armies and partisans to the liberation of Ukraine’s capital.

– The main display is located on the second floor of the museum. Hundreds of the exhibits create the artistic and historical image of the topic that is being developed in the showcases and on the podiums.dsc09049

– Numerous photographs, documents, front letters, rewards, private belongings of the warriors, weapons, posters and newspapers restore the spirit of the epoch and the chronology of the events, help to understand what is the loyalty to the soldier’s duty, and show the virtue, the heroism of the warriors and a tragic aftermath of the war.

– The exhibit features a mockup of Mykola Vatutin’s blindage, a mockup of a sanitary corps blindage, relic things of K. Moskalenko (Colonel general, Marshal of the Soviet Union after the war), P. Avdeenko (Commander of the 51st infantry corps), A. Hrechko (deputy assistant of the Commander of the 1st Ukrainian front), Heroes of the Soviet Union D. Bohdan and M. Zakharchuk. Also it includes the photostory about the heroes – N. Sholudenko, S. Shutov and many others. The heroism and the sacrifice of our people play the main role in the exhibition.