Welcome to the website of National museum-preserve ‘Battle for Kyiv in 1943’ – one of the leading military history museums in Ukraine specialising on the history of theWorld War II. Our museum constantly draws attention of numerous visitors from home and abroad, being one of the popular landmarks of  Kyiv region and an inherent part of Ukrainian capital’s historical past. At this website you will find all the information needed for your visit to the museum, learn about the exhibitions, history of Kyiv liberation, about people, creating this history and about modern events in the East of Ukraine. The museum’s collection is continually enriched by new exhibits from the times of WWII and pieces reflecting modern actions in ATO zone. The museum receives these exhibits from numerous search parties, Kyiv region volunteers and ‘Black Tulip’ mission, that was formed by activists from ‘Union ‘People’s Memory’ NGO.  In September, 2014 the museum’s directorate with the support of Kyiv regional state administration’s direction for culture, nationalities and religions decided to pass BRDM-2 and BTR-60 military vehicles from the museum’s open air exhibition to ATO zone. On May 6, 2015 a common permanent exhibition ‘Your sons, Ukraine!’ dedicated to ATO heroes was opened in the museum. The exhibits were provided by ‘Union ‘People’s Memory’ NGO,  ‘With open heart to future’ charity foundation and volunteers. On October 28, 2014 – on the 70th anniversary of Kyiv liberation – the monument ‘To the Unknown Soldier’ was inaugurated in the museum. Every year our museum hosts events  honouring the memory of battle for Dnipro heroes, different meetings and museum holidays involving the general public. Since the museum’s opening it was visited by more than 8 million guests from almost 100 countries. Among them were state presidents, high-rank officers, political and public activists. The museum has become an inherent part of Ukrainian historical and cultural heritage and achieved a wide popularity in home and abroad. An audioguide for smartphones and tablets was also developed. We are always happy to welcome our guests and ready to provide different excursions in the museum’s buildings and in open air.

The Director of the Museum
Honoured worker of Culture of Ukraine

Ivan Vikovan